Why I started the Club


Paul Bland


Energy Buyers' Club

Welcome to the Energy Buyers' Club

I started the Energy Buyers' Club to try and fix a problem that I had encountered myself. Despite knowing I could save hundreds of pounds a year, and having a list of things I wanted to spend the money on, I hardly ever switched energy tariffs.

In my case it made even less sense. I’d been working on consumer issues for years and had seen all of the evidence, and knew just how easy and safe the process was! But there was always something more important to deal with. Having a busy life got in the way of me switching deals and saving a lot of money. Talking to friends and family suggested it was a common problem.

We all wanted to just hand the problem over to someone else and have them take care of it for us. I’ve developed the Energy Buyers' Club to do just that. You sign up and every year we will negotiate a bulk discount and switch providers for you. Don’t worry, you can always opt out if you decide you don’t want to carry on saving. If you would like to know more there is a detailed section on how it works.

It doesn’t stop there. At the moment we are chasing empowered consumers like you to get the business going. The ambition is to make a REAL difference in the market to people from ALL walks of life. We want to use our group buying power and new Smart Meter technology to get a better deal for everyone, including those on pre-pay meters, least able to afford the highest charges in the market. The larger the group, the bigger the difference we can make together.

We are focussed on being as lean as possible so that we can pass on the maximum savings to our members. Price Comparison Websites spend millions of pounds on advertising, and every pound spent on marketing is a pound wasted. We ask our members to share the Energy Buyers’ Club secret to saving money with their friends and family to pass on the good news and maximise the buying power of the whole group. The more members we have, the better deal we can get for you all! Please help spread the news today.

The Energy Buyers' Club is built around the needs of real people like you from the ground up. Join us - let's get a better deal together.

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